Produced: Afends, heath mawsom & kaius potter

Directed: Kaius potter

Shot: Kaius Potter, Maria Bui & toby cregan

Edited: Kaius potter

'Our focus was to take skating away from its typical context of the concrete urban-sprawl, leaving the mundane behind and becoming at one with the hinterlands of our Afends Country surroundings. Venturing in-land from the rainbow region we embarked on an exploration for surreal environments. What we discovered was a Utopian paradise of graffiti-trashed rusted ramps, encompassed by teepees, mechanical relics and isolated mountain outlooks. Shot in a single afternoon our ragtag gang of skaters, artists + extended family members commandeered the isolated transitions and transformed them into a playground of recreational mayhem. It was our blank canvas where rules didn't apply & the dreamers were allowed to believe once more... The final result is a cross pollination of pop culture where french fries meets 360-flips and flares alight the forest. We came, we created and destroyed!! 'In Our Nature' is a Short Film by Kaius Potter featuring Boyd Young, Robert 'Maca' Macalister and introducing Daniel Bones.'