Kaius Potter grew up on a farm in the hills behind Byron Bay. So it is no surprise that Kaius' career was born out of the playground of the sea.

At only 21 years old, working as a director, cinematographer and editor, Kaius' work encompasses multiple genres across many different platforms. His lo-fi candid style can be seen across all his boundary pushing work. At age 17 he produced his first surf feature film 'Squiz Luv' - a documentary, hi-fi action film, featuring close friend and professional surfer Soli Bailey, which was released and distributed through Waves Magazine. In 2014, Kaius debuted his creative direction with a campaign for Afends, which he worked on from start to finish.

After studying digital marketing and advertising, and working for other production companies in 2015.  Kaius has set himself up with new found skills and inspirations that fuel his creativity. He is excited by the opportunity to collaborate and share his own touch in other peoples brands and business'. 

He is readily available for work both domestically and internationally.  

Clients: Oneill Wetsuits, Deadkooks, Attaquer, Coastalwatch, Epokhe, Afends, Ramada Hotel Udaipur, Tracks Surfing Magazine, Waves Magazine, Stab Magazine, Salty's Short Supply, Deus Ex Machina, Damodra Desert Camp, Faithfull The Brand, Lulu Yasmine, Jaime Lee Designer, Redbull, Roam Vintage.